Increase your profitability

Claims are one of the main causes that create a net loss among cleaners. They translate into dollars paid in compensation, soon followed by the loss of the customer. Don't forget that a dissatisfied customer will personally take care of your publicity by ruining your reputation to his close relations (family and at work). You must also take into account the time spent on the telephone and at the counter with your dissatisfied client (often, before other customers). In short, it is crucial to eliminate such as much as possible.

One must never forget that the stains handed over to your care and the risks associated with the treatment to remove them must be conveyed to your customer so as to inform him and thus release you of any responsibility in case of future problems.

Too often, this situation is reported to us and in our capacities as technicians we are glad to help solve the problem providing that it's not too late. The information relayed at the receipt of the garment is the best moment in which to give the proper information related to the treatment to do in order to satisfy your clientele. A signed and well written document can make the difference when a conflict arises and the disappointment will be lessened in case of error.

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