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A business must subscribe to the principles of the Better Business Bureau and agree to the following standards as set by the Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus:
  1. Be in business in the respective service area for not less than one year, or such longer period of time as necessary to evaluate an applicant's record, unless:
    1. The principals previously operated a firm with a satisfactory record in this or another Bureau's service area, or;
    2. This firm is a branch of an existing member or company that has met these standards; or,
    3. c. The company has agreed in writing to commit to arbitration with the Bureau and is not engaged in any of business that historically generates unresolved complaints or pattern of complaints.
  2. Sign a membership application and pay appropriate dues and fees as set by the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Supply background information about the company, its principals or other information deemed essential to the Bureau's responsibility to provide inquirers with factual reports that bear on the reliability of the business.
  4. Fulfill all licensing and bonding requirements as required by the city, provincial or federal agencies and authorities, provide licence numbers upon application for Bureau membership and provide periodic updates on request of the Bureau.
  5. Promptly respond to any and all complaints forwarded by the Bureau, and make good faith efforts to resolve all such complaints in accordance with generally accepted business practices. Failure to respond in a timely manner will result in membership revocation.
  6. Comply with any decisions rendered through the Bureau arbitration programs in which the firm agrees to participate.
  7. Co-operate with the Bureau in efforts to eliminate the underlying causes of patterns of customer complaints that the Bureau may call to the company's attention.
  8. Co-operate with the Bureau's activities and efforts to promote voluntary self-regulation within the business's industry.
  9. Adhere to Better Business Bureau standards of advertising and selling, and co-operate with the Bureau in matters relating thereto.
  10. Use the written fact of membership, either name or logo only upon signing a contract with the Better Business Bureau. Any confirmation of non-compliance will result in membership revocation.
  11. Be free from any government action concerning the marketplace which is contrary to BBB principles. Membership can be revoked or refused at any time.
  12. Support the principles and purposes of the BBB and not engage in any activity that reflects unfavourably on the Bureau and its members.
  13. Charities or soliciting organizations must meet all of the above standards as well as the Charitable and Fund Raising Standards of the Better Business Bureau of Quebec.
  14. Each application for membership will be reviewed on its own merits.
This application is subject to aproval by the board of directors of the Better Business Bureau of Québec
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