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Principle I: Information Provision

Vendors shall provide consumers with sufficient information to make an informed choice about whether and how to complete a transaction.

Principle II: Language

When a vendor offers a good service on its Web sites in a given language, the vendor shall use that language to provide all of its material information about the goods or services, the vendor, the vendor’s relevant policies, and the terms and conditions of the transaction and all other material information.

Principle III: Contract Formation and Fulfilment

Vendors shall take reasonable steps to ensure that consumers’ agreement to contract is fully informed and intentional. In particular, consumers shall be provided with a meaningful opportunity to correct or cancel the order before it is accepted and processed.

Principle IV: Online Privacy

Vendors shall adhere to the principles set out in Appendix 3 with respect to the personal information they collect from consumers as a result of electronic commerce activities.

Principle V: Security of Payment and Personal Information

Vendors shall maintain effective controls to protect the integrity and confidentiality of payment and other personal information consumers provide. Security mechanisms shall be consistent with current industry standards and appropriate to the type of information collected, maintained or transferred to third parties.

Principle VI : Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution

Vendors shall provide consumers with access to fair, timely and effective means to resolve problems with any transaction.

Principle VII : Unsolicited E-mail

Vendors shall not transmit marketing e-mail to consumers without their consent, except when vendors have an existing relationship with them. An existing relationship is not established by consumers simply visiting, browsing or searching vendors’ Web sites.

Principle VIII : Communications with Children

All vendors have a social responsibility to determine whether the person with whom they are communicating or transacting is a child. When communicating with children, or when the content is likely to be of interest to children, the language must be age-appropriate, must not exploit the credulity, lack of experience or sense of loyalty of children, and must not exert any pressure on children to urge their parents or guardians to purchase goods or services.

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