Info Consumers


Consumer security and confidence

Consumers contact our office on a regular basis to obtain reports on companies from a variety of industry sectors. Our member companies are listed on our online directory and consumers can conduct a company search by typing in the name of the company or by using key search words by sector of activity.

Recognition across Québec

  • The certificate of membership and QCCO logo affirms the quality of your customer service.
  • Our member services department and our web site listing act as resources for requests for information for your company.

Mediation and arbitration

  • The Québc Commercial Certification Office can intervene as an impartial mediator to help settle disputes.
  • If the complaint at issue is still not resolved, the Québec Commercial Certification Office can, along with the consent of the two parties, schedule an arbitration session with an impartial third party which will render a final decision. This provides a time-effective, inexpensive out of court solution that is recognised by the provincial court of Quebec.
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